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Touch of Reality

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

What,s your belief system that shapes your world. To truly examine your base perspective in which your reality exist. Take a deep breath and ask "Who Am I", and "Why Am I Here". Do your reality consist of a worker bee mentality. If so is that your true self or what you were taught to be. Suggestive implants could be very powerful. When reflecting upon your child- hood how did the actions taken towards you or the things said , or done to you shape who you are today.? Your thoughts trigger what and how you operate day to day. To change your life you must relearn or teach yourself a new way of being. Which starts with subconscious and conscious thoughts.

I challenge you to reflect verses deflect. Look and feel deep with in the emotional body.

Inner-stand there is purpose in everything. Your experiences transpired to allow you to heal and grow. Don't dismiss them, but learn from them. In due time your healing will be a reflection of who you truly are. Love and Light to you all. And So it is. DIH

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