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The Life of an Empathic Being

Living as an Empath can be quite an experience. Learning who you are is truly apart of your souls journey. Learning you are an "Empathic Spiritual Being"

can be fascinating for many, and very upsetting and confusing for some. This unraveling of truly inner-standing who you are at a soul level can take a lifetime for many. Some it's just an unfolding of events stemming from childhood, Which causes a light to go off in the emotional and mental body. We can call it "triggering".

As a spiritual being you learn you are having a human experience in a physical body. This experience can shift you into the awareness of over-standing we can feel emotions of others deeply. Reflecting back to those ups and downs of life lessons. Realizing the insight and emotions you had of others were correct. Like the old adage says ' Knowing is half the battle". When dealing with emotions of others one must understand protecting your energy and not becoming overloaded by others emotions is key. These are teaching moments I have experienced myself. Once mastered you will flourish in your life purpose.

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