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Dhuwanna Intuitive Healing carries the gifts of a ✨Seer/Prophet/ Psychic/ Empath/Energy Healer/Spiritual Life Coach/Star-seed 
She can help you recognize your gift(s) and reach your full potential. In order to do so you must do the work only you can do for yourself. Nothing happens overnight.

Psychic and Intuitive🦋 Experience with Healing Inner Child/Clearing/Twin Flames and Transmuting Karmic Lessons💎

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D is what I call her. She has a true gift! Her interpretation during my spiritual reading was spot on. I’d been suffering from an upper respiratory infection since March 2020. Due to COVID, I know small businesses are suffering so I wanted to support my sister. I sent her a message on Instagram. She responded quickly. Appointment was booked and I was seen that very same day!!! Her interpretation was spot on. She was very thorough. Her energy is amazing! I’m glad I met her (virtually). She has a client for life. She recommended some crystals which she thought would be a great addition to my life. After my reading my throat chakra has definitely improved. I’m now living in my purpose and speaking my truth. As she said, “Do it within reason !” I’m excited about this journey. Please book with the Queen. She’s the truth.

Myisha K.

I been Facebook friends with D since the beginning of 2020..I'm also subscribed to her inspirational YouTube channel, great information on there an motivational content on Facebook..after dreaming about crystals the night before..the next day she posted pics of her crystals on Facebook an I commented on them, I knew the ancestors lead me to her, so I purchased some..I'm super excited to receive my crystals..I love her content an her videos...She is definitely a Star Seed!! I will be purchasing more from next goal is a spiritual reading from her..Thanks Queen keep doing what you do. Namaste'

Calvin L.

Had an AMAZING numerology session with Dhuwanna. I learned SO much more than i could have imagined. I would say book a session now! before the price starts to match the value because it’s such a great deal. This is an opportunity to look at your “self” from a different perspective. Dhuwanna is pure magic to work with!

Fatima D.

Dhuwanna is a beautiful spirit. My spiritual inner being is changing since my first experience with this Queen. This Queen is guiding me on how to open my Chakras to be able to connect with the universe. This is also teaching me how to be even more humble. This Queen told me on the first day how I was and we don’t even know each other. She cleansed me from any bad energy that could be blocking my progress. I already can feel a change within myself. If I’m upset there is a breathing method that she showed that is helping me tremendously through my spiritual healing. I am happy that I have found the opportunity to connect with you. Love and Peace Queen.

Shareese B.

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